Thursday, March 3, 2011

MONCADO HOTEL: 45 years of existence

A friend of mine had shared us regarding a group called "Moncadistas" in far away place in Cebu, they live in a  place were time stand still for they live as if it was World War II. They were once believed as a cult for they believe with their successor Five-Star General Federico E. Jayme Moncado.

After many plans of going there, we were set to do on what we believe to be as a creepy trip but everything was simply to be amazing. We rode from JY Square up to Busay mountain thinking that it was just a short trip but we were wrong. The trip lasted for 30 - 45 minutes riding a motorcycle a.k.a. "Habal-habal". It was totally a roller-coaster ride for the three of us were the up's and down's; bumps and thrills of the cliff will make you nervous, but one is the best part, the scenery. I never imagined that Cebu has it's nature side, all you see are the greens of the trees, beautiful landscape, small vegetable farms, and the ever coldness of the breeze that you can feel while riding the countryside.


The place was called Sudlon II (means inner part), it was like a little Baguio City where the temperature is really cool enough that you don't need to use a fan. It was believed that this place was the refuge of some Filipino soldiers during the World War II.


The hotel was established March 3, 1966, it is called as the Moncado Hotel for it was owned by the "Moncadistas". When we arrived, it was the hotel that we've noticed, it was old and made of solid wood. As I could describe, it was like an old school or a tenement that was passed by time. Inside the Hotel, you will notice the check-in-counter, old floor tiles, and the staircase. Once inside, it was really a creepy feeling, it remind me of the movie Silent Hill were it was really old and scary. Though we were not here for ghost haunting, it was more likely to be one.


I expected that the people here would be wearing some old World War II uniforms or for women some Baro't Saya (old Filipina casual dress) with a fancy fan but it was totally different. They said that they only wear those only during feasts, and Sunday worship. Before, women never cut their hair but at present, women has shorter hair unlike some old men who still practice the "Moncadista" style which no cut beard, mustache and hair.
People here are friendly and very accommodating as if they don't want you to leave. They were very thankful that we have visited their place for there are only some who dare to visit and spent the night to stay with their hotel.


Trekking the hill was like a penitence during holy week, but it was one of a kind experience. Like Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the feeling and excitement builds while climbing to the top. At the top, it was the place were their beloved Federico E. Jayme and his wife Magdalena was at rest. They pay respect whenever they go here especially when there is an occasion.


  1. Hoping to visit the place one of these days. Do you have more picts of the "manongs/manangs" living in the area. Would like to see more of them. Thanks a bunch for your blog......maybe u can do a follow up visit again in the near future.

    1. I'm from there I'm Cebuano also moncadista the place has almost renovated the swimming pool has very clean water from spring chlourined and the little one the ground floor was painted orange and the doors are renovated

  2. But the hotel is not really change.Some things on the hotel has been stolen but third floor only front side had good condition but c.r. not functioning only at the back.The Feast is in December and July.If you want to swim I don't know what is in English swim there are some cottages.If you can donate visit the hotel.Bring some Jackets some hot clothes to keep you warm.Location Sudlon 2 Cebu City.